August 15, 2022 – Faith Formation Kick-Off Family Night includes dinner, games and activities for children of all ages. Parents will enjoy a talk and discussion. Evening concludes with a sing-a-long and evening prayer for all ages. Call 412-922-6388 to register.

Faith Formation (religious education) for Public School Children in grades Pre-K (3 year old+) through 8 is held each Monday evening from 6:30pm to 7:45pm. Each month a family dinner and activity/prayer night is included in the program.

  • Pre-School: The program includes social skill opportunities to include games and activities along with specific instruction to introduce prayers and scripture at a pre-school level using music, art and literature. The program uses Loyola Press Text with an emphasis on language and math skills.
  • Grades 1 – 6: The program uses Loyola Press Finding God which teaches the Faith using music, art, literature, multi-media and activities. There is a presentation of individual Bibles and Scripture Study for grade 6.
  • Grades 7 – 8: The program uses EDGE as well as traditional instruction. The program also includes retreat days, faith rally days, service days and field trips.
  • Family Program: Faith Formation includes a monthly family program for all ages. The program includes a free dinner, activities for the entire family and prayer experiences.

To register or for additional information, please call the Office of Faith Formation at 412-922-6388.


The Office of Faith Formation conducts preparation activities for the Sacraments of Baptism, First Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation. Call 412-922-6388 for information.

  • Baptism – Call the Office of Faith Formation to begin the process of Baptism.
  • First Reconciliation – The Sacrament of First Reconciliation usually takes place the first week-end in March.
  • First Eucharist – Preparation includes 2 years of Faith Formation Formal Instruction, participation in Sunday Liturgy and participation in a First Eucharist Family Retreat.
  • Confirmation – Preparation includes 2 years of Faith Formation Formal Instruction conducted using Loyola Press and LifeTeen EDGE. Preparation includes service days, retreat days, family service and field trips.